Escape Belfast

Escape Belfast


Escape Belfast is a live-action puzzle game unlike anything you have ever experienced.


Walk into a mysterious room.  The door shuts behind you and you’re trapped.  Racing against the clock, you and your team have one hour to complete a task which will set you free.


Escape Belfast is perfect for anyone who loves mystery and adventure without having to get covered in mud, sweat and creepy-crawlies.  Great for date nights, evenings out with friends or corporate team-building sessions.

OhhSocial Offers

  1. 6 players can play for only £65 (RRP £87)
  2. 5 players can play for only £60 (RRP £80)
  3. 4 players can play for only £55 (RRP £70)


N.B.  Offers above available Monday – Thursday.  Booking essential.

Escape Belfast