Fit for Summer

We want to help you get fit for summer. Here are some new and fun ways to do it with exclusive buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Get Fit for Summer

The recent hot weather has encouraged some of us to get the redundant active wear out and aim for a beach worthy Summer bod Summer.

Meanwhile, for most of us finding the motivation to step out of the house seems to always take a back burner. 

Well, we’re not having any of that!  We won’t ask you to run a marathon, or climb Slieve Donard just yet but there’s plenty of new and fun ways of getting fit.

*** Top motivation tip from OhhSocial - Since our offers are buy one & get one free using our app, why not take a friend with you?!

If you can’t convince them (we don’t know about your friends, but ours are pure lazy), you can always bank your extra session!

Aurora Studio

This fabulous new studio in the heart of Belfast offers fitness with a difference; it’s fun and you can even pop in on your lunch! Our favorites are rebounding (yes a full class on a trampoline!) and Burlexercise. At first rebounding may make you feel like you need to pee, but soon you’ll feel its benefits – we tried the 30min lunchtime session and the whole body felt it, for about 3 days!

Aurora Studio Belfast

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PT @ Pure Gym

Yes, some of us need a little help and motivation with our fitness and that’s OK - look no further than a PT session, accompanied by a 5* fitness package at Pure Gym. A tailored package with home workouts, food diary and full body composition – just what the summer ordered!

Pure Gym Belfast


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